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Posted on December 20, 2021

There are several benefits to building on your own lot with Schaeffer Homes, a family home builder in NJ. One of those benefits is being able to create the home you have always wanted. As you think about your new home and with the 2022 new year just ahead, here are a few new building and design trends to consider.

  1. Colors

The all-white rooms and grey kitchens continue to be phased out, and color is making a come back.  Spaces are once again becoming colorful and inviting, instead of cold and reserved. There are lots of cool tones and contrasts with the kitchen islands separate from the rest of the wall cabinets. For those who still desire the white or grey kitchens and spaces, look for ways to add pops of color. Mix in some warmer tones to the grey palate and top off white spaces with splashes of a primary color.

There are plenty of natural, subtle colors and warm tones still in trend for 2022, but personal style, that was a big part of 2021, will continue to be on display throughout our spaces in the new year as we continue to spend more time at home.

  1. Accents

When you build with Schaeffer Family homes, a home builder in NJ, they will take care of the quality construction process, while you focus on the colors and designs that will be found throughout your new home.

Adding accents could literally throw a curve in your design plans.  In 2022, curves such as curvy furniture to curved doorframes, can add character and exciting inspiration to an otherwise straight-line home.

In addition, designers will feature dark accents such as black or dark for interior and exterior spaces, including doorways and window frames, as well as in appliances with a shiny or matte finish.

Pause on adding overdone trends like shiplap and consider different ways to accent a wall. Look for ways to rough up those smooth lined subway tiles for a backsplash that has more rustic and mosaic additions. Additional accents to consider might include earthy pieces, whimsy one-offs, terracotta vases, marble coffee tables, and wooden furniture pieces.

Don’t forget to go green by adding indoor plants to your living space. Live plants can help to create calm and clarity as well as improve the indoor air quality.  As you continue to cook more at home, add a small indoor herb garden where you can enjoy fresh accents of the edible kind at your fingers tips.

  1. Furniture

Last year saw the creation of multipurpose spaces within the home and this year, those flex/bonus rooms become better equipped to handle their dual functions. So multifunctional or dual-purpose furniture are great additions to provide some sustainability in the home.

Embrace eclectic furniture that again lets you feel more comfortable at home and shows off your personality. Plus as the inventory of new furniture remains low, there will be a demand for high-quality, expressive antiques.  Furniture shopping could be a little easier with this style as second hand and consignment stores are bursting with a variety of these pieces.

When you choose Schaeffer Homes, a home builder in NJ who will build on your own lot, you will receive several included features. These included features will be found in the interior, exterior, and bed and bath spaces as well as in future energy savings. Discover Menantico Estates in Vineland with prices starting in the mid-$360’s. Schaeffer Family Homes will help personalize your next home and help you bring any design trends forward.   Contact Schaeffer, a home builder in NJ, to build a new home on your own lot in Menantico Estates or a homesite if your choice. Learn more about Schaeffer’s process, and the options available.  Call Schaeffer today at (856) 208-5118 or visit our website to learn what is possible with your new or rebuild home journey!



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