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Fall Decor Ideas to Warm Up 2021

This Fall’s design trends for 2021 are about bringing the feel of the outdoors in and adding layers of warmth and coziness to your living area. The turn of seasons provides a great opportunity to transform the look and feel of your home. Use this Fall to transition the interior décor for your new home in NJ from light and airy to warm and cozy.

If your new home in NJ has base layers of beige, white, and/or grey, then add some layers with rustic orange, mustard yellows, winter whites, and dark brown colors. Bring the outdoors in by concentrating on warm earth tones. Here are 3 ways to add warmth to your fall décor this season:

Pull Out the Candles and Lanterns

Create a welcome feeling with candles and lanterns. Look for accent pieces that have autumn orange or amber glow colors. Group a collection of candles and lanterns as table centerpieces, on side tables or in front of fireplaces.  You can continue to use those summer floral vases by swapping the live flowers for dried arrangements of purple, green and orange. Take tall vases and candle lanterns and place dark yellow and amber colored candles inside them. As you are looking for fresh pieces to add and mix into your space, remember to “shop your home first” where you can find décor pieces that might look great in different areas and rooms of your home.

Layer On the Textiles

Another easily décor change for your new home in NJ this Fall is layering. Start by adding chunky layers of fabrics that are warm and cozy to beds and sofas. Cover existing throw pillows for the season in similar fabrics. When looking for warm and cozy fabrics look for velvet, suede, and/or fleece.

The layers don’t stop there. Easily layer a rug by taking a highly patterned rug that’s a bit too small, and adding a larger neutral color rug underneath. Or add a larger size wool rug that is smaller on top of a sisal border rug.  For layering curtains and shades, try adding heavier fabrics for instant warmth and coziness to sheers and light panels.

Mix Furniture Styles

From mid-century modern to the 1920’s, vintage pieces can have both meaning and memories, especially if they were passed down from parents or grandparents. Whether it’s furniture or accent pieces, personalized homewares provide comfort by adding things that we know and are familiar with into our everyday surroundings. Not only are these great to mix in with your existing décor, but they also provide conversation pieces for Zoom backgrounds or when company is over.

Consider planning for those vintage or antique pieces while you are selecting your favorite floor plan. Look to Schaeffer Family Homes, a new home builder in NJ to help personalize your next home. Part of your home buyer journey includes this personalization by designing the home you want. Plan for furniture placement before you finalize your new floor plan and make sure you have room in your dining room for grandma’s China cabinet.

Learn more about Schaeffer’s design process, the options available, and the great communities to explore.  Contact Schaeffer today by calling (856) 208-5118 or visiting our website to learn what is possible and begin your new home journey!

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