Creating a Relaxing and Beautiful Master Suite

Everyone loves to visit model homes and experience a perfectly designed home you can only dream of! Who hasn’t envisioned having a luxurious spa bathroom? While living in a professionally decorated home may not be within your budget, you can use designer “tricks of the trade” to create memorable spaces for yourself and your family.

Timeless Design

To begin with, timeless design will adapt to a growing family. Beware of anything that’s too trendy. Choose classic finishes and colors for anything permanent (i.e. flooring, wall paneling). Make a statement with furnishings, art, and accessories.

Personal Touches

Regardless of its design, your home should reflect you! Especially in the “personal” spaces like the bedrooms. Next to the family room, the master suite is probably the most common family hub. Kids, pets, laundry, toys, stacks of books, art projects… everything winds up here at some point. Yet this space should be your oasis, a beautiful and practical sanctuary. Here are some tips for creating an enticing master suite.

Refresh Your Basics

Look at your basics. How old is your mattress? Your pillows? Your sheets? If you can’t remember, it’s time to replace them. You deserve a good mattress, comfortable pillows, and quality bedding.

Color Theory

The colors you choose matter. Serene hues, like pale blues, greens, lavenders, and greys, are soothing. Classic black and white never goes out of style and is easy to switch around. Browns are warm and comforting.

Thoughtful Accessories

Once you have a color palette and the basics, choose useful and relaxing accessories. Good lighting—overhead fixtures and lamps—is practical and decorative. A chaise lounge or reclining chair is perfect for creating a cozy reading nook or cuddle corner. If you must have a TV in the bedroom, make it as unobtrusive as possible.

Indulge Yourself

This is your personal space, so feel free to be whimsical… intense accent colors, animal prints, playful patterns, inspiration from hobbies, travel or a special location. Go for an upholstered headboard in a luxurious fabric or a dramatic wallpaper that feels decadent. It’s your space, make it special.

Organization is Key

Once the hectic pace of life takes over, you’ll be so grateful that your closet is organized, the dresser is neat and everything has a place. It requires some discipline, but hanging clothes and putting things away will make you less stressed.

The Spa Bath

The bathroom is a great way to give yourself a little luxury. Organic materials like marble or granite add a sense of grounded sophistication, while good quality accessories and fixtures can make your master bath feel like it’s in a 4-star hotel. Match your towels to the colors you chose for the bedrooms so there is a sense of continuity.

Your Dream Master Suite

At Schaeffer Family Homes, we design our master suites to be spacious and comfortable – the perfect base for you to create a space that’s all your own. Learn more at or call us at 856-208-5118.

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