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10 Reasons to Buy A New vs. Used Home in 2020

              When you’re looking into purchasing a new home, chances are you’ve started with a few Internet searches to see what’s on the market. You’ve likely explored many different listings and have visited several used homes before considering the idea of building new a home. Initially, it may seem that buying a used home offers you a “better deal” in comparison to building new. In the grand scheme of things, we know that’s just not the case… and we’ve got 10 ways to prove it!

  1. Building new allows you to get exactly what you want in your home. When you’re making one of the biggest purchases of your life, you shouldn’t settle for something that “will work.” Whether it’s buying a car, a dress or a birthday gift, we’ve all been in a scenario where we can’t find what we had in mind, so we settle for the “next best thing.” When it comes to the home that you and your family will spend most of your time for years to come, you deserve to have exactly what you’ve always dreamed of! With our many different and customizable floorplans, you can live in the home that you’ve always really wanted!
  2. Unexpected repairs are stressful and expensive. When you move into a brand-new Schaeffer Home, your home is backed with a slew of warranties to protect your investment – from 1-year, 2-10 year, plus manufacturer’s warranties for the products within. We also have our dedicated in-house warranty manager, Gail Hopkins, to help you along the way! When you buy used, you might be saving money on your initial investment, but any repairs or mishaps that pop up will be coming straight from your pocket!
  3. You’re the first residents to live in your new home. You know exactly what’s been going on inside your home from the day you move in because it’s your brand-new home. When you buy a used home, there’s always the chance of stumbling across something funky that was left behind by previous owners. If you have pet allergies, you may never know if animals lived there before you. And for all you know, the last residents could’ve been clipping their toenails in the very family room you’ll be relaxing in! (Yikes.)
  4. New homes include all new systems. Older homes typically have older systems, putting you at risk for unexpected repairs and maintenance. Our new homes include 200-amp electrical service, tankless and energy-efficient gas water heaters, PEX Manifold Manabloc Plumbing Systems with shutoff valves for each plumbing line and so much more! New systems are less likely to break or malfunction, and product warranties will offer you a much greater peace of mind if anything goes wrong.
  5. You can design your new home any way you like! Chances are you’re not going to love every aspect of the design and color schemes in the used homes you see. Renovations and DIY projects seem simple but can become extremely time-consuming and expensive quickly, especially if something’s not done properly! In your brand-new home, you can choose every interior and exterior color scheme and design option, from the siding and roofing to the cabinets and flooring, to create a living space you’ll absolutely adore.
  6. Save money on your utility bills in a new Schaeffer Home. Every home we build is Energy Star Certified, which means your home will have at least 30% better energy performance than homes built “to code.” Not only will this improve your home’s air quality and energy efficiency, but it will also save you money on your utilities! Not to mention, Energy Star Certified homes contribute to saving the planet’s valuable resources!
  7. Choose where you want your home to be built. Sure, you may not be able to throw a dart at a map of South Jersey and tell us, “Build me a home here!” But… it’s pretty darn close! We can build your new home in our newest community, Carriage Mews in Berlin Borough, or on any available and “buildable” piece of land in South Jersey. Our land acquisition specialist, Josh Adams, is an expert at finding our customers homesites to build on from Cape May County to Burlington County, allowing them to be exactly where they want to be! Maybe you loved the last home you walked through, but hated the location or homesite it was built on? Then why not build your home on a property that you love in the location where you want to be?
  8. A new home is built with more advanced materials and methods. Poured concrete foundation with GMX Ultra-Shield Waterproofing. 3/4-inch engineered subfloors and joists with squeak-resistant engineering. 1/2-inch screwed drywall throughout. A new Schaeffer Home is created with the best building techniques and materials available. As for used homes… we just can’t say.
  9. New homes are built for this era. When you buy an older home, even 5 years can make a difference on various aspects like electrical outlet locations or the amount of closet space available. With the rapid advancement of technology, so much has changed over the past decade. Newly built homes are modernized to suit your needs in 2020! Building new also offers you the option to install “smart home” technologies from the get-go, which are becoming increasingly popular in the every-day American household.
  10. That “New Home Feel” is simply unbeatable. Whether you’re able to ignore it or not, a used home is always going to have somewhat of a “lived-in” feeling. Some people find the charm and character of older homes to be appealing, but that “new home feel” is total bliss. In used homes, other families have made their own memories there. And at one point, another person created their own vision for the home itself. When building new, you’re able to take your own ideas and customize your dream home. When you move in, your family will be the first family to make great memories and meet important milestones in your home. And if you agree that there’s nothing better than a “new car smell,” just wait until you step foot into your brand-new Schaeffer Home!

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